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How Scrapping a Car Works

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How The Car Scrapping Process Works

Scrap Car Quote:

Our system will recognise the best way to quote for your car. By filling out our quote form you are providing us the information required to quote you the best value for your scrap car.

We will quote you more if your car has a value within its parts or it will simply will be quoted as a scrap vehicle. Usually cars older than 10 years are assumed to have a scrap value only but, this is not always the case. Scrap cars will be quoted for their recyclable materials, running or no condition is irrelevant but as long as your scrap car is complete, the price quoted is guaranteed by us. You do not have to accept our price offered for your scrap car but please bear in mind the scrap value does change from time to time.

The Phone Call:

Once you have filled out our online form you will then receive a phone call from a member of staff to confirm your details, answer any questions you may have and to arrange a convenient collection time and date with yourself.

The Scrap Car Collection:

Once we have arranged a collection time with you the recovery driver should give you a courtesy call when on the way to collect your scrap car. The collection process should only take around 5 minutes, including taking care of the DVLA paper work, the payment and loading your scrap car onto the recovery vehicle. We will then email you a CoD (certificate of destruction) usually within 48 workings hours from the point of collection for you to keep for your records.

Do You Know The DVLA’s New Rules For Your Scrap Car?

You can no longer use the V5C to notify DVLA that you have scrapped your car. It is your responsibility to use a ATF registered company that will issue you with a CoD. Failure to do this will result in you still being legally responsible for the vehicle even after you have disposed of it.

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